New Series! GSC In Love

Light My Fire

GSC In Love Book One

By Katy Manz

Omega witch Rayne Ramano has one goal in life, keep his family safe. He has no need for a fated mate.

Alpha Dragon shifter Zander Survalorlost his clan when he began working for the Global Shifter Council. He never thought he’d go home again.

When GSC send Zander back home to help with a situation, he never expects to find his fated mate. Nor does he expect the family drama when their worlds collide,

As they work together to unveil secrets and defeat the enemy, will these two let themselves learn to love. Or will their hearts fall victim to their fears?

Light My Fire is book one in the sweet with knotty heat MM shifter mpreg romance series: GSC in Love. . It features an alpha dragon shifter who has secrets, a powerful omega witch who isn’t afraid to fight, fated love, mpreg and a guaranteed happy ever after.

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Don't Howl At Me

GSC In Love Book Two

By Katy Manz

Alpha Wolf found his fated mate. Unfortunately, his one-night stand from the previous night had his newly-found mate running away before they could exchange more than names. Now, he has a second chance he refuses to waste.

Omega dragon shifter Ollie ran when he saw what a playboy his fated mate was. GSC sends Ollie back to his mate a year later to help locate a hidden enemy. Will they be able to find their way together, or will danger destroy them before they have a chance?

Don’t Howl At Me is the second book in the sweet with knotty heat MM shifter mpreg romance series: GSC in Love. It features an alpha wolf shifter who played the dating game a bit too freely, a runaway omega who realizes he made a hasty decision, a hidden for that is wreaking havoc on the shifters and witches in town, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

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The Choice Versus Fate Series is Now Available!

We Choose You

Choice Versus Fate Book 1

By Katy Manz

James and Aidan didn’t need fate. Fate disagreed.

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No Choice

Choice Versus Fate Book 2

By Katy Manz

Abraham didn’t need fate. He had his Beta. Then he met his fated omega.

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Chasing Fate

Choice Versus Fate Book 3

By Katy Manz

Flynn ran from fate. Rhys and Jaxson are up for the chase. They just have to break a curse first. Fate is worth chasing.

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Available Now On Kindle Vella

What You Left Behind

by Katy Manz

Neal and Brandon had a love that musicians write songs about and writers build books around. But the obstacles were too big for Brandon's 18-year-old self. Leaving Neal is Brandon's biggest mistake. Is12 years too long to wait to ask for a second chance?

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Daddy's Omega Teacher

by Katy Manz

Daddy has it bad for the teacher. Alpha Victor almost lost his family once. Now, his ex-wife is allowing him to see his children again. Omega Bryant loves kids. But he doesn't want any of his own. A positive pregnancy test and an ex-wife threaten their happiness. Daddy's Omega Teacher is a sweet and sexy MM Shifter mpreg romance. It features a sexy alpha that likes to be called Daddy, an adorable omega that hates surprises, and lots of little obstacles on the way to an HEA.

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Alpha wolf Nathan feels a bit overwhelmed with the pressures of running a pack.  The loneliness of leading alone is starting to weigh on him, and he just needs a break.  Maybe grabbing a cup of his favorite brew at the cafe in the city will give him the space he needs to replenish his soul.

Omega wolf Jude may not have the romantic type of love that he used to dream about, but he loves his job and life in the city.  Maybe fate will pass him by, but at least he has the pride he feels when he brightens someone’s life with just a simple smile, a book recommendation,  and an iced latte. 

When Nathan walks into Jude’s life, he’s swept away by the magic of fated mates.  But what happens when a city omega is torn between the life he loves and the wolf he loves out in the packlands? 

Fated is a fun MM Shifter Mpreg romance that features sweet surprises, angsty choices, annoying exes, knotty heat, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After. 

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