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Alpha wolf Nathan feels a bit overwhelmed with the pressures of running a pack.  The loneliness of leading alone is starting to weigh on him, and he just needs a break.  Maybe grabbing a cup of his favorite brew at the cafe in the city will give him the space he needs to replenish his soul.

Omega wolf Jude may not have the romantic type of love that he used to dream about, but he loves his job and life in the city.  Maybe fate will pass him by, but at least he has the pride he feels when he brightens someone’s life with just a simple smile, a book recommendation,  and an iced latte. 

When Nathan walks into Jude’s life, he’s swept away by the magic of fated mates.  But what happens when a city omega is torn between the life he loves and the wolf he loves out in the packlands? 

Fated is a fun MM Shifter Mpreg romance that features sweet surprises, angsty choices, annoying exes, knotty heat, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After. 

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